Terms of Use of the Website

1. Service Provider and Operator

The Service Provider and the web site operator are the same legal entity (the Service Provider), whose exact name and data, as well as the name of the hosting provider are available on the web site in the Imprint section.

2. Provider’s  availability

The service provider maintains contact with clients and interested parties by e-mail. Web-based messages are sent through an encrypted channel, technically in accordance with https (SSL standard).

Customer service:

On weekdays from 9am to 6pm, on Fridays from 9am to 4pm

E-mail address: infosk@rayagold.eu

Website: https://rayagold.eu

3. Website

Our website is available with and without the www prefix. On our website, we provide the opportunity to learn about investment opportunities, especially the Gold Saving Program. However, the website is not intended for on-line investment or financial advice, the information displayed is general and is used by the user himself.

4. User

Users are meant by every visitor to the web page who searches for the page directly (by entering the website address in the browser header) or by linking to a web page.

By browsing this website, you agree to be able to read the content of the web site’s intellectual property, but you may only use the content of the site for the sole purpose of informing you and at your own risk. You explicitly accept these Terms of Use by browsing our website.

If a site visitor is our Client at the same time, the relevant agreements and related agreements are part of the General Terms and Conditions.

5. Exclusion of responsibility

Every form, appearance and content of the information available on the website is just informative – its use is strictly limited to its own responsibility. Service Provider does not guarantee any benefits from their voluntary application. For any damages arising out of the use of this information, the provider is not responsible for any damages whatsoever.

However, the Provider ensures that his / her activity is professional and humane, with a Ethical Code available on the website.

These terms of use apply to a visit to the website and, in the event of a service being ordered, the service is always provided on the basis of a specific contract.

6. Order service

You can contact the service provider or his customer service via the form available on the website or via e-mail. Concluding a contract for one of our services (orders) requires further negotiations. Completing and submitting a form does not, of course, impose any obligation or obligation on the user.

After submitting the form, we will contact the user within 48 hours; until that date, days of work and working time are not counted.

7. Copyright

The Provider, such as the author and the copyright holder, disagrees with the commercial use of the information contained in the published articles on the website. It also disagrees with their further disclosure, reproduction or use for presentation purposes or the dissemination of content (identical or similar) if the operator is not listed as the author. If a user wants the content of the website to use the above-mentioned method, he must first obtain a written consent from the service provider for such use. By reading and understanding the user falls under the law of the Slovak copyright law and the jurisdiction of the local court in the seat of the web site operator.

The previous paragraph refers explicitly to the wording of the website and its sub-pages, bulletins, blog articles, downloadable content (infoproduct), graphics and design elements.

Our downloadable infotroductions are equipped with special copy protection and download identifiers, which you can find in the appendix to these Terms of Use.

Our downloadable infoproducts are in PDF format. You must have a PDF Reader installed to read it. You can download this program for free from: http://get.adobe.com/en/reader/

The user, by downloading the infoproduct, also accepts the following statement:

“I understand and acknowledge that all property rights that are associated with an infoproduct downloaded from the rayagold.sk website, in particular the right to issue and use without any time, space or other restriction (subject to statutory regulation under Law 185 / 2015 Zz – Copyright Act), only the Provider I agree and am fully aware of my criminal liability in this matter, I will use the content for my own purposes only, I have no right to copy, distribute, modify, make available to a third party, publicly perform or otherwise use, and I also undertake to respect copyright. “

In addition to downloadable infoproducts, the website is copyrighted. In the event of unauthorized use of any content from this site or its use in a manner that violates copyright, we will penalize the user. The amount of the penalty can be found in the Addendum of the Terms of Use.

8. Complaints

You can send us your complaint through the contacts that are posted on the website. We thoroughly investigate all complaints and take the necessary steps to quickly and satisfactorily resolve them.

The parties prefer the peaceful settlement of disputes, so in this case they commit to cooperate to settle the disputes out of court.

If this does not lead to the desired solution, the parties shall, in the event of any dispute, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court according to the seat of the service provider.

9. Other

The Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify these Terms of Use as well as other legal and other content posted on the Website. He did not send separate notifications about these changes, but posted them on a webpage. Amendments shall take effect after publication, unless the provider specifies otherwise.

Circumstances not covered by these Terms of Use are governed by applicable laws of the Slovak Republic and current Internet standards.

Attachment: Copy protection

All textual and graphic content of a webpage, a series of articles (without a release date), downloadable studies, videos, and other content are copyrighted in accordance with Act no. 185/2015 Z. z. – Copyright Act and are the intellectual property of Zoltan Fehér representing RAYA-CONSULTING s. r. o.

We have introduced a copy protection system to provide infoproducts. For this purpose, we have placed unique ID numbers for each downloaded copy in infoproducts in several places, which are invisible, unobtrusive and encrypted. This technology also allows you to identify a printed copy.

We can find this identifier at any time, reading content is not disturbed and can not be removed. In addition to this, the use of infoproducts is not limited by other technical means.

Backup of infoproducts is allowed within one copy. Their opening does not require any identification information from the publisher or from a third party. The only way to open is to install a PDF reader, which we mentioned earlier.

Unauthorized use of the site content in any form, adaptation, distribution, reproduction, public performance, distortion or distortion is prohibited, including (but not limited to) their use for gainful employment. The content of this web site or its part may only be used if the author has given written consent. In such cases, the name of the author and the primary source must be disclosed, made public, and only the agreed portion of the content may be used, in an agreed manner, in the form, to the agreed extent and for a specified period explicitly stated in the written consent. In addition, the author reserves the right to withdraw this consent without any justification before, during and after publication or partial publication. In such cases, the author will, of course, notify this to the user.

If the content of the web site is published on a third-party website, printed media, public lectures, or in any spoken or written form in identical or very similar form without the consent of the author, we will charge a penalty for unauthorized use of EUR 300 + VAT (three hundred EUR + VAT) for each copied page per day.

A content that contains more than 20% match of the total page content that is used improperly is considered to be copied. The accepting user expressly accepts this sanction clause. We use notarised content at the expense of the offender, which is a legally binding document.

This document was machine translated from it’s original Slovak version.