History and development

The history of our company RAYA-CONSULTING LTD. dates back to the year of 2006. In the past 10 years, we have gone through an incredible development: although the company focuses primarily on services, over time it evolved into a renowned consultancy.

  • 2017 – Customers in 5 EU countries 20%
  • 2016 – RAYAGOLD Presious Metal Trading activities 40%
  • 2010 – Consultancy Services: Investment, Human Resources, Quality management 70%
  • 2006 – Facility Services for Industrial Parks 100%

As the business developed, we established a close cooperating relationship with the finest German, Swiss and Austrian foundries and wholesalers. Our company only deals with gold bars classified as Good Delivery Quality and the foundries are registered by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association).

Our experience in trading with precious metals allows us to be among market leaders. This way we are able to offer our customers the best available conditions in Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Our products are directly obtained from the manufacturers and prestigious wholesalers guaranteeing the originality of the products. We also redeem our sold products. We offer a discrete and safe transport as well as storage options if needed abroad, outside the banking zone.

Our vision statement

The company’s management aims to become one of the top leaders of the European market in precious metal trading and precious metal investment.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to make accessible a unique and secure form of savings with lasting value to everyone. The savings in gold can guarantee bright and secure future for each individual and their families, even at the verge of their life and would grant a superior lifestyle that would reach if not overcome the standards that they were used to during their active ages.

Our strengths


During more than 10 years of existence, we have proven that our leadership has created a viable, efficient and stable company. We are ready to benefit this stability to our customers given the fact that working with us is guaranteed to be long-term and rewarding.


Over the years our company’s management has created a relational capital, which allows offering the best conditions available on the market for all our customers. We consider each and one of our customers as best friends to whom we bore with confidence and humility


Our business, therefore the results achieved and our stability guarantees an absolute fairness towards our customers, because such a long-term partnership would not authorize any different attitude. Our clients’ interest is the primary interest to us, this will not be compromised in any way. Your interests must be hand in hand with our company’s interests, since mutuality and collaboration has to develop given that it will be a long-term business relationship.


Despite the fact that our company is located in the heart of Slovakia, Bratislava, our operations extend to other European counties as well. There are many people and businesses, with whom we have established a close collegial relationship that has an excellent impact on our operation. We draw on this international background, its positive influences and we use them as a tool to benefit our clients.

Our core values


At all of our services we are focusing on ethical principles of our doingness Fulfillment of these principles – as we stated in our key document, in the Ethical Codex – we strongly requiring from our employees, co-operational partners.



Our products and services are very easy to understand. During their design we are focusing on the user-friendliness and simplicity. This guarantee the customer satisfaction in our point of view.


You can have access to our products and services very quickly. Just walk in our office, understand them, make a decision and within less than an hour you walk out with the feeling of safety thanks to your new gold investment.



One of the key success factor in our business is the transparency. Our clients have to have immediate access to their Gold account 24/7 and this is guaranteed through a sophisticated client zone.

Founder’s message

The financial crisis in 2008 hit me in a very interesting way: on one side I enjoyed this brand new experience, where nobody was able to predict what will happen with the entire world.

But this coin has got an another side as well: millions of families all around the world have run into huge problems, many companies were cut by the sword of bankruptcy.

Than, nearly 10 years before I made a promise for myself: I want to learn the mechanism behind the financial crisis and find out a way how I with my knowledge can help to common people to whitstand the effects of such a tragedy. In four simple words: I decided to commit myself and my knowledge to raise the ability of anyone to survive a financial crisis.

The method, the basement, the 5000 years known yellow shiny metal – this is the key for surviving. The physical gold I want to get into every household, into every pocket, into every company to make my personal and also RAYAGOLD’s vision happen!

Yours sincerely

Zoltan Feher – Founder, CEO


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