I want to have my wealth and assets in safety

I want to have my wealth and my future living standard in security.

I want to have safe future for my family and children

I want to ensure my family’s financial and emotional security.

I want happy and active senior age

I want to enjoy my wealth and seniority actively and safely.

What does gold protect You from?


Decreasing value

of Your money


Extremely low



Uncertain political



Uncertain financial



Wealth uncertainty



Uncertain personal


What should I choose?

Gold purchase

  • Bigger assets are required
  • No possibility of choosing the right time
  • A larger amount may be missing from the family budget

Gold savings

  • Start with a small amount
  • Best result achieved thanks to cost averaging
  • It is easier to set aside a smaller instalment monthly

What can our company offer to You?

 Small monthly instalments with saving programmes

An immediate gold bar after start of the saving programme


24/7 user web account for absolute and comfortable control

We distribute your gold bars prior to their completion

Bonus gold for the selected customers

Company profit shared with loyal savers in gold

A small deposit is enough to start the gold saving programme

You receive physical gold for all your payments 


Redeem and purity guarantee


One of our World Class gold saving Programmes

Company statistics


Kilo Gold


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